Customer Comments January 2011 to June 2011


June 2011
We had great service In all aspects of our holiday, including transfers and our stay at Vic Falls Hotel.  Your members of staff were on time, polite and helpful.

We will use your service the next time we visit Zimbabwe.

Mike & Di Perkin

June 2011
The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour. Excellent

Your stay at Victoria Falls Hotel Amazing – good value for money if taking the special!
Christiaan Uys

June 2011
What impressed me most was the great service and understanding we received from Liza and Nigel when we had to postpone our tour at the last minute (back in February). Rebooking was seamless and all our queries throughout were answered quickly and well.
Our transfer agent (Falcon Safari's) were very reliable and their staff were very friendly!
The Royal Livingstone Hotel itself was great and we really enjoyed our stay.
Kind regards
Devin Lester

June 2011
The service from Island safari was impeccable. Elise responded quickly to my questions which was very important. Payment details were simple and clear as well as the quick payment verification response.
Ilala lodge is a lodge I would return to again and again. Service, ambience, food and location could not be beat. A must.
Savute fly camp was unique and enjoyable. Excellent service and knowlegable and friendly guide.
Stanley's camp was top notch and well organized. Wonderful food and attentive staff. The elephant interaction was the best part of our experience. Would have prefered to have the option to eat at a private table instead of with all the guests which was obligatory. But this was a small thing in comparison to the excellent service. I would recommend Stanley's camp.
Thank you for the excellent organization of our itinerary.
Rick Jamison

June 2011
We are very pleased to give you some feedback from our recent trip as follows:-

Services of Island Safari Staff
All our dealings with Island Safari were with Claudia Batschari via e-mail and 2 phone conversations with Nigel.  We changed our itinerary several times and each time Claudia accommodated the changes and made many helpful suggestions during the process.  We were very pleased with the service we received.

Transfers -
We had no problems at all with transfers.  In all cases our driver was easily recognised and waiting wherever we arrived.  We were very impressed with Wild Horizons, particularly the assistance going through the Botswana/Zimbabwe border.

D'Oreale Grande Hotel -
We had previous experience of the D'Oreale Grande from our last visit to South Africa.  It is a convenient place to stay overnight near the airport.  The hotel is quite comfortable, the rooms are adequate but not large.  The public areas are elegant and comfortable and the staff friendly and efficient.  Within the Emperors Palace complex there is a good choice of reasonably priced restaurants covering most tastes. 
There is also of course the casino!

Stanley's Camp -
Just getting to Stanley's Camp is quite an experience - light aircraft with great views over the Delta, then 4 x 4 to the camp.  Our welcome from the managers - Jeremy and Michelle and the rest of the staff - was warm and genuine.  The accommodation is luxurious and the situation quite magnificent.  The food was excellent, as was the choice of wines and other drinks.  The camp activities were good, well organised game drives, morning and evening, and mekoro trips also available.  Highly recommended.  Although we opted not to participate, guests who went "Walking with the Elephants" said it was an interesting and rewarding experience, although most agreed it was rather expensive.

Matetsi Water Lodge -
The setting of this lodge on the banks of the Zambesi River is excellent.  The suites are unique, large and very private, overlooking the river, well furnished and comfortable.  Food and beverages were good (although they did run out of coffee and red wine one evening!).  Standard of service was excellent and the guides and trackers were all very knowledgeable.  One thing we were not prepared for was how cold early mornings in May can be, although we gather it was exceptionally cold when we were there.  We would not hesitate to recommend this lodge.

Victoria Falls Hotel -
All you would expect of an old colonial hotel.  The setting of the hotel and the views towards the Victoria Falls Bridge and the gorge are stunning.  Public rooms are all traditionally furnished and very comfortable.  Bedrooms retain a period elegance but are well equipped with modern amenities.  An easy walk from the hotel takes you to
Victoria Falls which is definitely a "do not miss" experience.  Expect to get very wet!!  Afternoon tea on Stanley's Terrace is highly recommended.  We only stayed one night here but could happily have spent longer.  One of the reasons for choosing this hotel was because the Rovos Rail Train to Pretoria leaves from here, and we had also
decided to spend time in Zimbabwe at a riverside lodge and was also recommended to stay at Victoria Falls Hotel because of the access and views of the Falls.  We were not disappointed on all aspects.

Rovos Rail -
This was our second trip on Rovos Rail.  It never fails to impress. 
The description "The Most Luxurious Train in the World" is difficult to disagree with.  The suites are extremely comfortable and although compact are well designed and not at all cramped.  The level of service is extremely high, the food excellent and as good a choice of wines as you will find in many fine dining restaurants.  The 1600Km journey takes 3 days and 2 nights, a lot longer than it would take to fly but a lot more enjoyable!

Waterfront Village Apartments -
We chose the Waterfront Village because on our first visit to Cape Town, although we stayed in a B & B off Kloof Street, we spent most of our time on the V&A Waterfront.  We had also been recommended these apartments.  The apartment was excellent.  Spacious, very well equipped and ideally situated to get to the Waterfront.  Being self-catering we had little contact with staff but our dealings with the people in reception on arrival and departure were fine and helpful, with no problems.

With a lot of help from Claudia we spent quite a lot of time putting together our itinerary.  It was well worth the effort.  Every aspect of the trip met or exceeded our expectations.  If we had to pick out the highlight it would be Matetsi Water Lodge, its location, accommodation, game drives, and hospitality were faultless.

We hope to return to Southern Africa in September/October 2012, no definite plan as yet, but perhaps you will hear from us again.  Also, we would certainly recommend anyone planning a trip to Southern Africa to contact Island Safaris.

We hope our comments are useful.
Helen Harris

June 2011
Our clients loved the Royal Livingstone Hotel, and said that the transfers went very well.
Everything was perfect acoording to their feedback.

The service you gave us during the booking was very professional and fast,
Liza answered to all our questions with great efficiency.

Hope to work with you again in the future.
Kind regards,
Maria Azenhas

June 2011
Mandy was very quick in getting back to us to arrange the tour.
We had accidently overpaid and we were able to put this towards activities in Zambia which was fine.
Xakanaxa Camp / Gunn’s Camp – accommodation/ transfers/ food/ guides were brilliant. We very much appreciated the special treatment we received and talking with the locals
Chobe and Zambezi were also excellent. We loved being so close to the falls and being able to walk there for free from our hotel room
Wonderful for us to have Steve as camp manager at Gunn’s camp. We really enjoyed his company and experiences.
Our guides were knowledgeable and friendly.
Overall –
In the camps that we stayed we were the youngest couple by about 30+ years. I think it should be highlighted to future couples that are our age (in our 30’s) that this may be the case.
We also feel that the tour itself was very expensive when we were talking to couples doing similar trips.
This is specific feedback we emailed regarding our transfer person/ guide Neville in Zambia.
We wish to provide outstanding feedback for Neville of “Onways Transfer & Tours Your Comfort Holidays”. He far exceeded all of our expectations, and went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure we made the most of our short time in Zambia and Zimbabwe.
He anticipated our needs/ made excellent suggestions and recommendations/ arranged all transfers, tours and activities, making things effortless and relaxed for us. We only had to think of an activity and Neville had already booked the best option and arranged exactly how we would get there.
We were able to do everything we wanted to do in our short stay and more! We couldn’t believe how much time he was able to spend with us! We felt like we had our own personal assistant!
And in additional to this, he always had a smile on his face, and patiently and honestly answered every little question we had (And I, particularly, had a lot!). We really feel we gained a unique understanding of the 2 countries, and feel spoilt we spent so much time with a person born and raised in Zambia, which is the most important thing to us when we travel.
We can’t thank him enough for his friendly, helpful assistance. We feel so lucky to have met him and will definitely be recommending his services to any friends that venture that way.
Julie Facey

June 2011
Camp Xakanaxa was probably the best single lodging experience of my girlfriend and my lives!  And, that was mostly due to the service.  The staff felt like you were always dealing with a family.  They came out to greet you after your safari outings.  They always made very sure you were well fed and watered!  And, the guides were even better!  I have no idea how they can be looking for animals, telling stories and driving all at the same time!  This was a wonderful place to visit, and I hope to return someday.

Kwara was good too, but definitely more rustic.  But, Xakanaxa was a really tough act to follow.  We were glad we went to Kwara because of the night drives, but not much else.  There was no hot water in our shower, and the staff was not as warm and friendly.  And, the food was not as good as our first camp (though they did have great bread!)

All of our transfers were great as well.  Always on time and friendly people.  No problems at all.  Very hospitable.

Thank you for helping arrange the trip of a lifetime!

Clay Baros

June 2011
The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour. Highly satisfied!  Great service.

The transfers you had. Highly satisfied!  No problems.

Your stay at Chobe Game Lodge Highly satisfied!  We loved it!  Thank you.

Leslie Boie (World Vision x16)

June 2011
Thanks for arranging a great holiday.
The pick ups from your agents were all spot on time, to the minute and thats about 20 times, a fantastic feat.
All the hotels / lodges were very good with only positive reports. I am very critical so when I say this I mean it.
If any of your clients like a hectic holiday this itinerary is fantastic.
Of the lodgings we liked the Zambezi Queen best followed closely by
Selinda Camp
Royal Livingstone Hotel
Oddballs' Camp
Meno a kwena
Impalila Island Lodge
Victoria Falls Hotel
Xakanaka Camp
Matacourt Hotel
Safari club.
But as I said all were great for one reason or another (Cant really include short stay at Safari club).
Thanks again
Leonard Schneider

June 2011
Just wanted to let you know about our trip.  We had a wonderful time - everything went according to plan and it was fun to see such diverse parts of Botswana.

Kwara was a great camp to start with.  From an animal point of view we saw everything with the exception of leopard and rhino.  Our guides and staff were wonderful and I would recommend Kwara to my friends.

Xakanaxa it really pains me to say this but it was a big disappointment.  As I may have told you it was my very first safari experience nine years ago and fueled my
love of everything African.  The only high point was our guide Baams.  If not for him  it would have been a disaster.  There were no animals - I understand that this is not
the camps fault - we did see wild dogs but as luck would have it we always found them late in the afternoon and it was like there they are - have to head back to camp.  The first night when we found them they were hunting and it was frustrating to leave - again not  the camps fault.  Also, I am hoping that due to flooding many of the roads they used were unpassable.  We were constantly running into other vehicles.  At one point we had a hyeana surrounded by no less that ten jeeps - one of which got stuck in the mud and had to be pulled out.  If you were not running into other jeeps you were being run down by service vehicles - again I understand these issues are out of control of the camp.  That said the staff while not out right rude (except for one incident with Karen) were definitely not friendly and gave the impression that they would rather be anywhere else but there.  Only one of the three nights did they bother to tell us what we were having for dinner.  When we got there it was obvious they were not expecting us at that time. (this may have been Kwara's fault).  We sat in the lounge for several minutes before anyone acknowledged us.  The manager is very sweet (Lettie) and did whatever we asked of her but she was pretty invisible.
The physical plant of the camp is gorgeous but I cannot in good conscience recommend it to people heading to Moremi.  Actually, I would tell them not to stay in the park - way too crowded - Kwara would be a much better choice.

Nxai Pan - very fun experience.  The staff was awesome and our guide Stanley was one of the best I have had.  He was an independent contractor and I would
not hesitate to try to track him down on my next trip.  He would be great to have with you at all the camps.  Nxai Pan as you know is also a non off road camp.
Whereas this was a problem at Xakanaxa you hardly noticed it at Nxai Pan.
I can't say enough nice things about Janet and Carlos.  Janet was a wonderful hostess.  I am hoping you can do me a favor.  Janet gave me her e-mail  but
I misplaced it could you send it to me?
We also had dinner one night with Sue Smart from Kwando which was fun.  She had nice things to say about you.....  Would highly recommend a trip there.

Lebala - another beautiful camp with a great staff and guides.  The only thing I would caution you about is the weather.  Nxai Pan was cold but this was freezing.
The tents while beautiful and probably great for hot weather offer no protection against the wind.  They did have drapes but they reminded me of shower curtins.  I can't even imagine what it will be like now and in July.  Animal sighting was good - we saw lots of lions and again found the wild dogs at rest.  Great experience and would recommend.

Ngoma Lodge is in one of the most beautiful settings I have seen.  We watched the sun go down from the bank of the Chobe that was stunning.  I don't think I will ever
see anything like it again for sheer beauty.  The camp as you know is only about a month old so they do have some kinks to work out.  Our guide Moses was a very
nice man but I think they need to work with him a bit as to communication with clients.  The managers Doreen and Gurt are warm and welcoming - you really feel
like they have been friends for years.  Chobe again a non off road was amazing.
The animals came right up to us - you felt like one of the herd.  Again it was a little crowded but it did not seem as annoying as Xakanaxa.  We did a water safari that
was good but they really need to work out bathroom stops - we did stop in the park but it was horrible.  I would love to go back to Ngoma in a year to see how it has
matured.  We all really liked it.  Jonathon (Jono) was also very helpful and did
orchestrate a trip to Vic Falls for Sharon.

It was a very successful trip - we had a ball.  I will surely recommend your services to my friends.

Another favor - Ngoma had fabulous beaded light sconces.  They said they came from the Rosebank craft market but were unsure exactly who had made them.  They
were going to get in touch with their decorator to get the info.  I would really likethat info as I want to contact them about future purchases.  Could you get that for me?

Thank you so much for all your work.

Carla Nashold

June 2011

The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour.

Remarks: Excellent service.

Your stay at Victoria Falls Hotel

Remarks: Excellent service and beautiful historic hotel. Two recommendations however:

They have built a bridge on their grounds which is entirely in conflict with the style and character of their hotel. We would recommend removing this and replacing with an appropriate style.

A couple of heated jaquizzi’s would have been great.
Johannes Smit

June 2011
Satisfaction with:

1. The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour.

Very satisfied.
I found Louise very responsive and accessible, particular during a late-booking final decision process.
Payment was difficult. The website would not accept my payment and the error messages were cryptic.
I made several calls to bank and credit card companies trying to sort out what was wrong and get it right.
Then I didn't receive my vouchers, but a quick reminder from me brought them promptly.
So while it was not flawless, the important part of the decision process went well.

2. The transfers you had.
Very satisfied.
Hielke was our guide and transfer driver from Johannesburg to the Kruger area and back.
He was very friendly, likeable, knowledgeable, capable, and helpful.

3. Your tour with Outlook Safaris
Extremely satisfied.
The Sabi Sand stay at Nkorho Lodge for 2 nights was amazing.
I would have preferred to do the 2 nights at Kruger first instead of second because Sabi Sand was a step up, but it was set up in reverse because of limited availability in a late-booking situation, so I completely understand.
After I experienced Sabi Sand, I thought Kruger might be a let-down, but I was very pleasantly surprised by how well it still went.
I am *very* glad we did the guided tour rather than the self-drive tour.
It was well worth the money.
I did not understand when I set out to book a Kruger safari what the difference was.
I would encourage anyone who travels from abroad (i.e. they are not regular visitors to Kruger) to spend the extra money and get the guided tour.

Thanks so much for a fantastic vacation experience.

Stephen Adkins

June 2011
Just wanted to let you know what a great trip we had in Botswana and say thank you for all your efforts and wonderful recommendations.

It was my first trip to Africa and it was truly memorable. Enjoyed your choice of camps and had a good time everywhere. The three Kwando Camps were outstanding. Guides, trackers, and staff were all terrific. Xakanaxa was a lovely camp, beautiful setting, but, unfortunately the game drives were disappointing, especially in comparison to the incredible sitings we had at Kwara our first camp. The staff and guide were nice but paled in comparison to the quality of the Kwando camps. Ngoma was the most beautiful camp and location, the Chobe River is gorgeous at this time of year. Despite being brand new, and having kinks to work out, they were fabulous. We all loved it.

I hope to travel with my two daughers, 28 & 24 to Australia and New Zealand for about 3 weeks in mid December 2011- Jan 7, 2012. If that is an area you have expertise in, would love your recommendations of a possible itinerary. It is a first visit for all of us.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Best regards,
Sharon Preston

June 2011
We  are back in the old routine and have not stopped raving about the trip to all of our friends and relatives.  I don't think we have ever made such a trip, and we have made some big ones, that wentas well as this one.  Everything fell perfectly into place  and easily met and exceeded out expectations! If I have to complain about something, River Manor Lodge was beautiful but a little way out and distant from our freinds.  It probably couldn't be helped and was a very minor problem   In short, the trip was wonderful!!  My thanks and congratulations to your staff but to Mandy especially.  This trip had a very long gestation period but Mandy hung in there and delivered  a wonderful experience.  All of the lodges were great and the people could not have been more caring and helpful.  Please tell Mandy how much we appreciate her.  Just wish we could do it again
George and Carol Byram

June 2011
This e-mail isn’t to make a reservation, but to comment on a recent trip I made to Sango Safari Camp. I was there with a friend, Justin, for 2 nights, 3 days. We were the couple who met Mark at Johannesburg airport and were on the same flight to Maun. We have finished our vacation in Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa now, and are sadly back at work! I just wanted to write that out of all of the camps we stayed at (which were all very good) that Sango stood out as the best! We loved your camp so much, the hospitality, the wonderful food, the game drives, everything! We adored the singing and dancing (you’re all fantastic!), and Joel and Patrick were amazing guides! We enjoyed Judge’s stories at dinner, and were so very sad to leave there and move to our next camp.

I know that Sango is a relatively new camp, and I just wanted to let you know that the attention to detail is wonderful, keep doing what you’re doing! I wish we could have stayed there longer. I will never forget my time in Botswana!

I hope to be back there one day!
Nicola Roberts

June 2011
Nicola and I are back from our amazing African adventure and I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your assistance in making this vacation an absolute dream come true.  Everything went off without a hitch, all of our transports were on time, all of our accommodations were stellar, and the joy of just being able to show up and have a complete adventure perfectly planned for you is both relaxing and much appreciated!  Thank you so much for helping to make our dream vacation a reality and for being such a pleasure to work with!  I appreciate all that you have done for us more than you will ever know.  If you are on Facebook, please take a look at some of the photos I have taken of our trip as proof of the amazing time we had!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  
Justin Sullivan

May 2011
Lindsey & I had an awesome time at Chobe Safari Lodge - I recommend it to everyone I speak to - the staff were fabulous, the activities fantastic & the setting & accomodation divine.  Food, although plentiful, was not that great - taste & recipes could have been much improved, but by the 4th day, we had worked out which was the yummiest & stuck to that.  We definately did not need lunch & were sorry that could not be changed in our package.  Also our package had too many acitivites for the space of time we were there - we actually didn't do one of them, as we felt it was a bit too rushed.  The setting is so nice there, that it is very pleasant to just sit & chill in the sun.
With regard your specific questions, Claudia was great - it was quite difficult for all 3 of us as Lindsey was part of the time in Cape Town then back in Jhb & I was in UK but she was really good in keeping us both up to speed & very efficient with our booking.
The transfers worked like clockwork - it was my first time to travel across borders in Africa & being 2 females alone, I had some niggly worries, but now I know, there was no reason for them at all!  We were met each time at every connecting point on time with pleasant staff & comfortable vechiles & even border posts went smoothly.  We really had the most perfect holiday!
Many thanks to all :)
Penny von Oppell

May 2011

The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour. Once we were put onto Claudia the service was great. Thank you

The transfers you had. Transfers all went very smoothly with the exception of the flight back to Johannesburg that was brought forward by several hours, cutting our time short at Pom Pom which we were terribly upset about, and incurring costs to change our tickets back to Cape Town as well as car hire to get back home as our pick up could not make it earlier.

Your stay at Waterberry Lodge Waterberry was fabulous. Great people, innovative food and incredible guide – Webbie!

Your stay at Chobe Safari Lodge We would have preferred a smaller lodge(and should have told Claudia), game drives and boat cruises were lovely (just too many people) Food was okay, meat very tough on every occasion.

Your stay at Pom Pom Camp Was the best, great accommodation, great food, amazing staff and our guide Max was delightful as well as extremely dedicated and passionate about his work! Actually all the staff were passionate about their work.
Sharon Small-Smillie

May 2011
We are home now! Still in Cape Town time. Generally the whole trip went so smoothly We enjoyed every minute! Thank you Elise for all your work . Your explanations of what to expect were very helpful.!  It was nice to be met In JNB and helped to locate  storage there.
We appreciated that each lodge operator knew our itinerary and made sure we were at our places for right connections to next camp.
Our time at Stanley Safari Lodge, Livingstone was fabulous .. Stanley was so great !Loved our beautiful room and personnel meals . Clara and staff were all great, Helicopter flight was really great also! 
At Chobe; (Muchenje lodge we also experienced great service and food. Saw so much wildlife, good company and Lips was a very knowledgeable guide. Our hosts were great. Also great fellow travellers at the hotel generally.
At Mapula we delighted in the warm greetings on arrival( Singing)!! Dudu and the whole camp were so welcoming. Loved our cabins! We were so amazed at the amount of roads covered with water that our transport was amphibious! Loved the mokoro ride into the Delta. It was all I had hoped. Beautiful water lilies in bloom everywhere. Did not see wild dogs as water levels were so high but lots of interesting  birds and other animals. Our flights between camps were all so great and on time Loved seeing the country from above.
Delta camp was incredible. We stayed in the tree house (plumbing at 40 ft. was amazing!) We were the only guests. Felt pampered! The local manager and owner (Peter)were gracious hosts as well as our great mokoro  guide Kitsu(sp?). He saved us from a hippo we surprised in the grass! Fabulous food and service! Enjoyed village tour and peaceful place!
Kalahari Desert Camp. We were met at the airstrip  by Shaka, a great manager and tour guide. We were welcomed by the whole  crew at camp singing  . Lovely! He found so many interesting animals in the desert, The watering hole at the camp  drew Kudu, Oryx and especially the mother cheetah and cubs who were literally at the door  of our luxurious tent!! Great food here as well only guests there. Spoiled! One change to note is they do charge for alcoholic drinks now
Connections back to JNB went smoothly as well. Thank you Thank you!
Would love to do this again but probably would have liked to end our holiday with the safari  as we were jet lagged on arrival   and could easily have fit our visits with friends in JNB and garden route before safari. Would have loved 3 days at each and every camp! Still felt there was more to see at the 2 day camps!
The McRaes

May 2011
We enjoyed our stay at Chundukwa Lodge very much, especially the personal approach and location.
Everything, including trips and transfers, was taken very good care off.
Thank you!
Lidy Boone

May 2011
Island Safari organised the Victoria Falls section of our African adventure. 
Our stay at Vic Falls Hotel was simply sensational.  The staff (especially Duly and Isaac) were just wonderful, the venue (Including the view of Vic Falls, the vicinity to the township, the facilities available) was excellent.  My only comment would be that although the presentation of the restaurant buffet dinner was great, the food was a little disappointing.  Breakfast however was delightful.  High tea was wonderful as were the evening cocktails.  I most definitely will make a return visit to Vic Falls Hotel.
Edna of Falcon Safaris took excellent care of us in organising all of our transfers and activities in and around the township of Vic Falls.  Her advice on all things Vic Falls was greatly appreciated and taken on board.
The transfers to and from the hotel for our activities and to/from the airport were timely and the drivers, always helpful.
I will be contacting Island Safari for my next trip to Africa – hopefully in the not too distant future.  Congratulations and many thanks on a job well done.
Pam Davis

May 2011
We have only just returned from our holiday that included South Africa and Botswana then onto the UK before returning to Australia.
We had a wonderful time and what Louise organised was excellent. I would like to give you feedback.
'Meet and greet' at Capetown Airport - the guy from Ecotours was great - he introduced us to South Africa perfectly. Having someone to pick us up and subsequently to take us back to the airport took the hassle out of our time in Capetown.
Portswood Hotel - friendly staff but the room was a little noisy - being in the Waterfront district was excellent - We would not have wanted to stay in down-town Capetown
Peermont Mondior Gaborone - I didn't realise  that we had to pre-book the shuttle from Gaborone airport - it was comfortable enough except the air-conditioning units were extremely noisy - I wouldn't recommend it.
The driver who took us to/from Jaci's was brilliant, I was planning to hire a car and do the same thing but getting a driver took all the hassle out of getting in/out of SA and driving on dirt track roads.
Jaci's - the best!!
Baines - we had a great time
Peermont Metcourt suites - part of a great complex.
Louise - thanks for your organisation - it was a trip of a lifetime (and we have made lots of trips)
Chris and Linda Lelliott

May 2011
My wife and I want to thank you for the itinerary you put together for us for our safari trip to Sango and Mapula and the side-trip to Victoria Falls.  We had an incredibly great time.  Though the trip was short, it didn't feel like it with everything falling into place smooth as silk. 
This old sextagenarian even went for the Victoria Falls Bridge bungi jump, the first but definitely not the last of his life!  We especially enjoyed Sango and want to return.  If everything works out for us, I may be contacting you to put together a fly-drive package starting in Windhoek next year.  I also want sometime sooner than later to take my "boys" (39, 35, 22, 12, and 9) to the Okavango and Zambia. 
In the meantime, I've told my former sister-in-law and her husband, Sally & Devin McGuire, to write to you as they're thinking seriously about a trip similar to our.
Thanks again for the really nice itinerary!
Bob Richards

May 2011
Patricia was perfect in organising these safaris for me.  Nothing was too much trouble and importantly she did what she said she would do and when she said she would do it.
I had a fantastic visit to Kwara. The staff was warm and welcoming, the location was superb, the accommodation great, the guides and viewing amazing – just a sensational trip.
I have stayed in 5 star hotels around the world; the service at Kwara exceeded them all!
The transfers at Maun and to/from Xakanaxa were efficient and also breathtaking.  Flying next to the pilot on the way back from Xakanaxa to Maun was a panorama of what the delta really is.
My guide is amazing person with huge knowledge of the flora, fauna and yes even the stars – he made a great stay into a fantastic one.
The location was great and the staff efficient but lacking the warmth I experienced at Kwara.   If I had not been to Kwara first, I perhaps would not have noticed that the staff were not as warm.  The service, accommodation and food were great.  Game viewing was good but without the experiences at Kwara.
No complaints at all.   I am really pleased that I did these safaris.
Peter Edwards

May 2011
We were very happy with the quick organization of the trip by your company at such short notice, all went very well. We loved the Victoria Falls Hotel and transfers were timely.
With friendly greetings 
Marc Van Uytvanck

May 2011
Our trip to Zambia was magical.  The Royal Livingston exceeded our expectations.  The staff was wonderful from the food servers to room caregivers. While booking our excursions, we received wonderful attention. We live in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world (Orlando Florida with Disney, Universal and SeaWorld). Disney's attention to detail has never been exceeded in my opinion, but the Royal Livingston matched their service!  I would definitely recommend your hotel and travel service to anyone. I will pass on my experience to a travel agent friend of mine who books trips out of Florida.
I do not know where Liza is headquartered, but she was wonderful in making arrangements and answering questions before we left the states. I forgot to get transportation from the airport to the RL in time and she booked that at the last minute.
I understand that there are several tour operators that you book for the elephant rides, helicopter rides and chobe safari, and I would appreciate the names of the ones we took if that is possible.

Feel free to post my comments if you wish....with my name as Mary S. S.
Mary Scott Singer
Winter Park, Florida, USA

May 2011
We had a fantastic holiday and we are really pleased with how well Island-Safari had organised our trip. The response from Island Safari to any of my e-mails were very prompt and the staff very helpful at answering all my questions. We look forward to booking our future holidays with Island-Safari!!!

The transfers went amazingly smoothly - all connections were right on time and everyone at every connection were waiting to collect us without any confusion or complications. The border crossings were made much easier as we were supplied in advance with the paper work we needed to complete.

Finally, our stay at Chobe Game Lodge was absolutely amazing. All the staff were helpful and the managers Brenda and Maggie took really good care of us. We have never come across such hospitality on many of our other holidays. The activities were all really amazing and we would definitely go back there again. Do you happen to have e-mail addresses for Chobe Game Lodge as I would like to thank them for our wonderful stay.

Thank you so much for organising everything!!
Best Regards,
Menaga Mohan

May 2011
After that 26 hour flight, not including the time spent in airports and the seven hour time change --- I think I'm finally getting caught up on my rest enough to drop you a line. I spoke with Joyce Griffith yesterday, and we're still slow to recover. But WOW.   I wanted to personally thank you for everything that you and Natasha did for us during our recent journey of a lifetime to Africa. Without your tenacity and persistence, I might never have received my bag, and how in God's world did they find us in the remote Kalahari sand -- I only have you to thank. And Natasha -- what a tremendous asset she is to your organization. She receives "the shopper of the world" award --getting us to the mall where we bought everything I'd need in 7 minutes before the mall closed when we had a flight out early the next day on our journey.   The side trips to the Lesedi Village and playing with lion cubs will last in our hearts forever. We rode the steam locomotive in Livingston, rode Danny, the elephant, and soaked in the Falls from the beautiful and majestic Royal Livingston Hotel.   I realize I'm gushing, but I don't apologize. This truly was more than I ever could imagined, and this trip and you two lovely ladies will stay in my heart forever for all your kindnesses.   With hugs and (future recommendations to our friends)  
Joyce Foy

May 2101
with great support of Claudia I was offered a variety of locations to travel to Mocambique. Main topic and task was to combine the exploration of the country, safari and diving. Prep time was one year in advance. As far as the development of Mocambique is concerned one must know about travelling in a not civilized country before planning the trip! So supply of food is still reduced even in 5-star resorts. People may not expect the value of what is paid for compared to South Africa or Namibia. On the other hand European travelers are urgently requested to book the best lodges available.
Planning, correspondence and performance of the requested issues were perfectly organized by Claudia. Even when difficult – short term cancellations of LAM Airlines – excellent handling of rebooking the itinerary was done by quick response via mail contact even on weekends. CC payment has become much easier than the years before.
Car transfers from Chimoio Airport to Gorongosa and Gorongosa to Beira were supported on time, by excellent drivers and clean and new cars. Also car and air transfer to and from Guludo were outstanding.
Rani was in charge for airport transfers to and from Pemba Airport. Pick-up transfer was missing although on-time arrival of flight, return transfer was performed in an old and dirty shuttle bus.
Gorongosa camp is a unique, ecological set up lodge in Gorongosa Nat Park. The owners have built up an outstanding assembly of tents and comfort with excellent cuisine and great emotion! The calm luxury in nature was combined with outstanding knowledge about local fauna and flora. We have travelled a lot in Southern Africa but this camp was just the best we have ever seen. So if you can support the team and their ideas please go ahead and send more clients!
Pemba Beach hotel is totally overpriced for the value you get. Dirty rooms, lack of towels, pool with algae, no hot water and missing service in all means will rate the hotel no more than 2 stars.
Matemo Island resort had excellent and friendly service and great rooms. Breakfast service was poor, buffet dinner was repeatingly the same every day. As expected, the lodge had just 2 handful of guests. Diving is comparatively expensive (60$US), dive sites do not show a great variety.
Guludu shares the same dive sites with Matemo but the camp, supported by a private foundation shows excellent diversity of food, perfect set up eco tents and an excellent team! The beach and activities around the camp are worth any penny to be spent!
Catembe Gallery Hotel is not the place you need to travel to but a great stay along the road to Ponta Do Ouro. Clean rooms for a fair price. The ferry boat is an adventure not to be missed.
Feedback of non Island Safari bookings:
Southern Sun Hotel Maputo is a great and clean and safe hotel but a little far from the center of Maputo. Rooms have reasonable pricing on website bookings. Don’t recommend Villa das Mangas hotel or Arabia hotel. Dirty, lack of service and lack of security!
4x4 rental on Avis at Maputo Airport had great and new cars. We went to at SA boarderline.
An excellent dive camp with superb dive sites and perfect organization of divings (24 US$). Really recommend this!!! Also camp sites available.
Thanks again to Island Safari for taking us on another tour to explore Africa. We really do recommend your internet organization as much as possible! Thanks to Claudia who made us a special holiday again.
Mocambique needs a couple of more years to make it competitive to Botswana and Namibia. Please advice customers concerning the mentioned facts and be aware of schedule changes of LAM
Michael and family, Germany

May 2011

May 2011
It is with great pleasure that I sincerely thank Island-Safari (Claudia) for organising the most wonderful holiday.  We had the best holiday and will have these beautiful memories of Africa with us for a long time.  I will have no hesitation is recommending Island-Safari to others who would like to organise a Safari holiday.  Do you also organise other types of holidays?
I have answered the below question in Blue.
Once again many thanks for helping to make our holiday a memorable experience
Kind regards
Helen, Rob & Jack Buchanan

May 2011
Hi, everything was outtanding! Very helpful and friendly, too
Marek Hanusch

May 2011
I'm very sorry that I haven't replied to this email earlier.
So, here's my feedback:
- I received great service from Nigel at Island-Safari. I had quick replies on my emails, and received good advices in terms of which camp to stay in etc.
- When we arrived at Maun airport representatives from Moremi air was waiting, and we were well taken care of. We were taken to the camp in a safe manner and it was a great experience to fly the small (although slightly old) airplanes into the bush and back to Maun again.  
- Our stay at Moremi Crossing was amazing. The staff was very helpful and kind and we received the best service. The camp itself has fairly high standards, however still with a "being the bush"- feeling. The food was great and the bush walks and boat trips even better.
I will definitely recommend both Island-Safari and Moremi crossing to friends and family.
Thank you.
Trude Nyland

April 2011
I could start off by saying everything was A+.
From the time we stepped off the place in Jo'berg to the time we arrived home all arrangements were excellent.

River Meadow Manor
Andre picked us up from airport as scheduled. He was very helpful. There was a slight problem initially at River Meadow Manor with rbooking. He stayed around until everything was sorted out.After inquiring about accommodation at Joberg near the airport before we ventured on our safaris Andre suggested the Safari Club which is like an oasis in suburbia. Very happy. The Manor was a very pleasant place to stay with very helpful staff and ate a lovely dinner under the stars

Rovos Rail
Excellent service, accomodation and food .Highly recommended and a unique experience. Great to travel through the country and visit the Kimberley mines. Veronica our guide at the mines was exceptional in her knowledge Waterfront apartments.

Met at rail by helpful gentleman and taken to apartment. Very luxurious and well equipped. Again very friendly reception staff and good humour. Very close to everything we needed. Car delivered to our door as arranged. Enjoyed our stay in Cape Town.

As expected lots of talk, laughter, tears and reminiscing. Returned car to airport.Easy transfer where we were picked and taken to Safari Club.

Onto Pom Pomand our tented accommodation
Everything was as you said and I'm glad we didn't miss it. There were about 8 other guests whom we got on with very well. This added to the overall enjoyment. Staff and food all good.The mokoro ride was definitely a unique hi-light along with the sundowners wherever we happened to be.

Onto Chobe
After 1hr and 40 min. plane ride, all ok. Different to other camps in that it is much larger and less personal. The water cruise was very entertaining with lots of hippos and elephants basking in the water and baboons.

Over the border to Zimbabwe and Imbabala where we had a wonderful time with Karen on the Zambezi River . The lodges were ideally situated right on the river where we went on several exceptional water cruises. The bird life was amazing and Stan our guide very knowledgeable. Loved the relaxed style of this lodge and the unique experience of dining under the stars along with impalas, warthogs kudu and waterbuck. Very personalised and intimate service.

Vic Falls
I even went on the zip line at Vic Falls and broke the world record -I am the oldest person to do the ride.
All in all a wonderful trip and we congratulate you on your planning and bookings. The only slip up was the absence of vouchers initially but that was quickly fixed.

Once again thank you for a superb trip.

Regards Betty and Adrienne Paley


March 2011
Service from Island-Safari:
We are very satisfied with the service from your staff. When planning the tour your staff responded quickly on our demands, gave relevant and detailed information. Superb!

The transfer
Everything as planned! (Exept our flight from CT to Nelspruit, which was cancelled and wasn't your responsibility!) But I was rather impressed by the pilot who was waiting for us when we landed in Nelspruit and apologized for the cancelled flight into the bush. Going by car late at night was an experience too!!

Waterfront Village Apartments
First of all: Our guide Andy Rice is worth his weight in gold (as we say in Norway)He is excellent and made our stay in Cape Town really unforgettable! Take good care of him! Waterfront was OK, too big and a little bit unpersonally in my opinion, but clean and safe.

Tanda Tula
EXCELLENT! Charming people, ranger and tracker of high quality with a lot of knowle.dge. Good food, great variation, we were realy taken care of ! Its easy to recommend this place to others! Breakfast along a riverside is a great memory.We felt safe on all our safari tours, and not at least: we saw a lot of animals!!!

Benguerra Island Lodge
At this place we answered a guest questinnaire and I'll send yuo a copy of this in my next e-mail

Yours sincerely
Bodil and Petter Rønningen


March 2011
That was awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

All of the transitions were utterly seamless and smooth.

Xaxanaka was the best accommodations that we have ever stayed in. The staff at Muchenje were incredible. The ambience at Vic Falls was great (and the Falls themselves made us consider our place in the universe they were so amazing.)

We will definitely get in contact with you when we want to do safari again. And we will definitely recommend you to any friends who are thinking of doing it.



March 2011
Well, safely back in Oz after the most wonderful and memorable trip. We saw and experienced so much, unexpectedly for a really "touristy" visit even got the feel of some of the culture and the good/bad of some of the politics in the countries visited!

Everything worked as advertised, accommodation was great and saw heaps of animals - the big five seemed to appear everywhere, if not there would be something special anyway.The most exciting and scarey for me was being in the middle of a pack of 22 wild dogs as they hunted down an impala and totally devoured it in less than a minute!

For the most part the drivers and trackers were great personalities and incredibly knowledgable and skillful. It would be difficult to choose a favourite but we would all go back to Pom Pom in a flash.Cape Town ( your home town I think) was wonderful and a good break to ensure nobody was "game drived out" at any time.The minor downside was our Sunny driver was a bit gung ho and a speedster, but he was mostly kept in line ( I know this was not your booking).The major downside was the vehicles used by Meno-a-Kwena for the 2hour odd transfers to and from Maun . For the trip out we had a standard open game drive Toyota (except for the drivers cabin) so we were blasted by a hot 80 - 90 kph wind complete with everything thrown up by oncoming traffic - stones, grit, cow dung, not to mention insects etc. Luckily we avoided the rain showers - it was an awful trip. The trip back was in an enclosed Toyota with missing windows and awash inside from the previous days thunderstorms.

These vehicles were totally unsuitable for 2 hour transfers on highways at normal speeds and were a long way short of the comfortable, airconditioned, seat belt equiped mini busses used for all other transfers. I was particularly concerned with the lack of any passenger safety items. such as seat belts in either vehicle.

This may seem a minor detail, and I must point out that I have no difficulty with passenger safety compromises made during game drives in game drive vehicles, but international guests travelling on public highways should be afforded the normal level of safety offered by modern passenger vehicles. Having said that, I would love to stay at Meno-a-Kweno again, but would ensure appropriate transfer vehicles - hopefully my comments are taken as a constructive crticism.

The trip was a long time in gestation, and thank you for your patience during the process. We all thought that you put together a fabulous package with plenty of contrasts so that we daily had new experiences.

Thank you soooo much !!!!!!

Best Regards

March 2011
1)      Service during booking – excellent. We had lots of questions but all answered pretty quickly and clearly. It may have saved you some tine if there had been a standard ‘fact sheet’ setting out some of the material e.g. visa information, tour info etc.
2)      The transfers – as Nigel knows, some valuable items were stolen from me on the arrival transfer. Clearly this was down to the individual who stole from me and not Island Safaris. Almost everything was recovered by the Zambian Police and the thief identified so a pretty good and unexpected result. The other staff from Falcon in Zambia and Zimbabwe were excellent – especially Edna, Newton and Esau.
3)      The Vic Falls Hotel was much better than we expected. We had imagined it to be run down and poorly serviced. This was not the case at all as the place was excellent and the staff delightful. The walk to the Falls could have been more heavily policed both in relation to animals and hawkers on the way.
Hope Nigel is better and out of hospital (I’m just going in!)
Allan Blacher

March 2011
Absolutely fantastic in every way!

1st class service in every respect - transfers were easy and well organised with no fuss, we were warmly welcomed at Elephant Plains Game Lodge and extremely well looked after for the whole stay.

Thanks for all your help organising the trip for us.
Kate Morris

March 2011
My clients were very happy, they had a slight snag in Johannesburg at the airport with delayed flights but told me as soon as they got to Elephant Valley Lodge they were in paradise! Wild horizons was also very helpful at the border posts and they thoroughly enjoyed their Vic Falls day trip.
Thank you and I hope we can work together again in future!
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kind regards/ vriendelike groete, 
Alisha Ellis.

March 2011
We were all the way satisfied:
Olivers'lodge welcome and food choice and presentation was great
Kwambili staff made our stay memorable with all big five and small 100s animals found and explained to us. We decided to stay in 2 tents instead of bungalow and it was really a great expericence...with a lion roaring during one night !
Yniati was more luxirous and relaxed with also good rangers, but could not be thought of without Kwambili.
Outlook lodge is wonderful with their manager Francois.

Some sugestions that could be made:
Island Safary : provide the vouchers earlier, better explanation of the time to spend on the road and not recommend customers not to drive 600 km after a long flight, even if they think of it. I had to find it on my own and then got beautifull support from Island Safary
Kwambili : provide an open window for their bungalow on the side of the bathroom in order to allow full ventilation of the rooms if required.
Yniati : provide a GPS localisation as it took us a lot of effort to find their resort.
Outlook lodge : think of thicker windows for the rooms facing the road.

These small suggestions are the little things I can think of...But would like again to give you our family's BIG THANK YOU for this beautifull holiday.

Best Wishes
Cyrille HAHANG

March 2011
Would just like to thank you for all your assistance booking hotel and trips. Our holiday turned out perfectly planned and The Royal Livingstone was way past our expectations.
Views were fantastic and everything we see just blew us away from the moment we arrived at the hotel everything seemed to fall into place.  Transfers to and from hotel and tours
(even though we was over an hour late with plane delays and sorting our visa’s) we were still met at the airport and you would not believe how thankful my sister and I was to see someone there
To met us.
Would be more than happy to tell friends and family how great the whole experience was and the fact that we booked with yourselves (saying that, we have been telling everyone).
Would also be more than happy to give you a fantastic review and think I might look up Trip Advisor and tell the world just how easy you made things for us.
Once again a very big THANK YOU to you and your staff from my sister and I…..
Samantha Elkins
A very satisfied customer xx

March 2011
Just back from our month long trip. Enjoyed Botswana .
Specific feedback - Kwara Camp - very eventful!!! too many vehicle breakdowns. Broke down on way to camp from pick up. Had puncture.second day! Fan belt broke thitd day! also got stuck in swamp although somewhat understandable as very wet. Had the impression that all the guised were a bit gung ho!!! New visitors obviously want to see Lions and they made great efforts to find them but somehow not in a relaxed way. Food and camp excellent but need new vehicles.
Xakanaxa Camp very good. more relaxed atmosphere around the game searchin. Found lions as well. Vehicles kept in tip top shape with guide very proud of vehicle maintenance as opposed to Kwara where they seemed happy to drive them to destrcution!! great camp good food
thanks for you help with the arrangements
Frank Griffiths

March 2011
The service we received from Island Safari was great.We always received answers to our emails in a timely fashion.My only recommendation would be that the agent should ask a few more questions as to the type of accomadation and experience  the client is looking for and try to get a better sense of what would work for them.We did not do enough research on our end so we relied totally on Alison.It was our first trip to Africa and luckily we started off with friends (for 2 weeks in Kruger and Mozambique) who knew the continent before we actually did our Botswana portion. Had we arrived directly on the Botswana portion I think we would have been totally freaked out.It was an incredible, memorable experience but I am not sure given options we would have opted for Delta Camp.We are 60 year old,urban.North Americans and Delta Camp although wonderful was really quite frightening .We were the only ones there and Lina and Tike were great but the remoteness,the fact we could only go out in a mokoro or walking  and we got charged by a hippo on our arrival were a bit too much...
The Delta flights were great and Kevin and James  our pilots were reassuring as this was the first time I was on such a small plane.
Chobe was beautiful and the game drives were great but our room was infested with small ants.We reported it but they couldn't seem to get it under control.
The transfers,flights,tours etc went like clock work.
I would also recommend setting a better system with Air Botswana.We had booked our land portion with you but then proceeded to try to get our flights paid for on Air BOtswana.We finally decided to pay extra and have you do it and even with that we got an email from them while we  were away saying that it was gouing to be cancelled.Luckily Alison was on it and it got sorted out.What a shame because it is a really nice carrier that gave us valentine chocolate and was very professional...
All this to say it was a great trip.Thank you Island Safari.I would definitely use your services again but hopefully next time we will all ask more questions....
Irin Unger

March 2011
I was very happy with the service provided by Elize especially as it became complicated with the death of a friend so needing to change the booking a few days before departure.

The transfers to and from the airport in Mauritius were in taxis organised by the hotel and were fine with both drivers being helpful and pleasant.

Le Telfair Hotel was excellent from start to finish - I can happily endorse the hotel unreservedly as being ideal for what we were looking for. There was not a single occasion that I was not happy with from location, room, activities, food and service in general.
Kevin Leo-Smith

February 2011
We were very satisfied working with your company and in particular we would like to pass on our great thanks to Mandy for all of her great help. Mandy listened to what we wanted, was very responsive to our emails and put together a package that exactly met our needs.
Our transfers worked perfectly, we were greeted our Kasane airport by representatives of Mack Air, baggage was handled efficiently the pilot was very friendly and the flight was OK. The return flight was equally efficient and timely.
Sango was the highlight of our 3 week trip to Africa and we will always remember the few days we spent there. We would recommend this camp unreservedly. The camp guides, owners, Judge and Face were so friendly accommodating and professional that we felt at home from the moment we arrived until we left. This is a new camp so the accommodation and equipment was all clean and new and worked very well. The food was simple and plentiful and very adequate. Initially we were initially concerned about our 10 and 11 year old children being accommodated but the Sango staff had no problem making sure they were kept busy and safe.
Again, were were very happy with your arrangements and Sango.
Thank you,
Gary Straker & Family

February 2011
The Royal Livingstone Hotel was truly a pleasure. The staff were excellent and the location was picture perfect, I would recommend this venue to anyone and intend to stay there on my next journey to Victoria Falls.
With respect to the booking service offerred by Island-Safari, I was quite satisfied, there was no difficulty during the booking process or when I arrived at the hotel where we were expected in accordance with our booking. Really that is all you need - no unexpected surprises!
Kind Regards
Colin Kenny

February 2011
Thanks for your mail and more for your service.
Everything was excellent, from transfers (present in due time with sign of recognize, efficient to cross the borders) to hotel and lodge.
Royal Livingstone has been one the best hotels I know, and Muchenje has been excellent with a guide really perfect and who found a lot of animals.
I would like to thank Elize for her advices.
Be sure that I will recommend 'Island-Safari' at everybody.
I will surely ask you for a trip in Namibia later.
Alain Bellegarde

February 2011
I've been so late in contacting you after our trip. My apologies - life just takes over when you get home.
Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!!!!!
We had a wonderful time - your organisation for us was flawless - everything went to plan without a hitch.
I have sent some feedback to Melissa about accommodation. Our only slight negative occurred at the Village Waterfront in Capetown where there was a very cumbersome check-in and security arrangement. They wanted details that they should have known - took forever - but a good location. Perhaps someone could work to streamline their process.
Other than that we liked all of our accommodation & the sequence of Imbabala, Pom Pom, Mala Mala was just perfect.
Federal Air were also excellent - very professional.
We hope to get back one day to do Kenya and Tanganyika - hope you're still there.
Thank you for your help - we greatly appreciated it.
Bill Bondfield

February 2011
We stayed at the Royal Livingstone for 3 nights from 25th -28th January and were totally satisfied with the booking system, the welcome , the service and accommodation provided.  It is a magical place.  The only point we were very surprised about was the quality of the coffee, which was undrinkable.  Luckily, we sourced reasonably good coffe an the Zambezi Sun and so went along there for our mid-morning drink. Maybe this is something which could be looked into.
Yours sincerely,
Ray Fitzgerald

February 2011
My answer to all of the below questions is "great".  This was an amazing trip and my guide made it all possible.  He was extremely helpful and I trusted him to help us get around.  I liked that he was around for all of our tours that we planned as opposed to having different people show up for each one.  Great work, I really appreciate this company's help in making our trip so great. 

The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour.

The transfers you had.    Great

Your stay at The Royal Livingstone Hotel .  Great
Michael Garcia

January 2011
Allison helped put our trip together.  She was always available to answer questions and the itinerary that she put together excuted without any problems.  She provided us with invaluable information to help us navigate on our trip.

Our transfers from one site to another, were very efficient and we experienced no problems at all.

Our stay at Victoria Falls was very nice.  The elephant safari a true memory maker.  The only suggestion I could make is that we were not aware that there was a fee to view the Falls from the National Park. 

Muchenje Lodge was wonderful.  The staff and safari guides were all very friendly and helpful during our stay.

Thanks very much again for helping us make this trip a true adventure.
Terry Kramer

January 2011
I did not yet get a moment to thank you for a wonderful trip.
We were quite amazed to see almost everything at Kwara Camp and almost nothing at Xakanaxa and Khwai.

The food at Kwara was your normal bush tipe of food, bobotie ect and you had to wait about 10 min for a egg in the morning because of they do not have power, but at Xakanaxa you will eat till you drop, the food there is wonderful, brocholi with cheese sause, fillet steak, 2 salads, leg of lamb ect, it was divine, they even made us pap and suswai (there seshebo) on my husbands request, at Khwai you only have a small menu to choose from and the food is the same, they do not change the menu, this was a bit dull if you know what I mean.
But in the end we had a lot of momories that we could share with friends and family this side.
Thank you for your excellent service in helping to plan everyting, we will remember this for ever and ever
Lizell Van der Walt

January 2011
The service Elize provided was, as always excellent.
Transfers also worked perfectly.

Xakanaxa and Lebala were OK but not perfect but that was my fault.
First the rainy season, the mosquitos and not too much game to be seen.

And secondly I asked Elize for a camp which was not too posh.
I should have asked for the posh ones.  My fault.

FYI we also stayed at the Mowani Mountain Camp in Damaraland which was wonderful.
And should you want to recommend a hotel in Swapokmund I would suggest The Boutique Hotel which is new, clean with very nice rooms.

Thanks again for everything,
All the best
Peter Seilern

January 2011
We are pleased to send you feedback to the categories requested.
First of all we want to thank your organization and especially Nigel for the valuable assistance regarding the organization of our tour. We have been informed about all possibilities and all our requests have been dealt immediately.
During our stay at the Royal Livingstone Lodge the service was excellent, the staff was very friendly and helpful. We definitely will come back.
We will recommend your agency and the Royal Livingstone Lodge.
Kind regards
Gabriele Klein-Gleissinger

January 2011
Willie and had a wonderful time at Victoria Falls.
The help we had from Island-Safari booking everything just made the holiday everything went like clockwork from the minute we got of the plane at Livingston. We would most certainly
go back to the Victoria Falls Hotel it was charming and peaceful.

The staff from the tour company were very helpful and made our stay and tours enjoyable.
Many thanks for all your help.
Kind regards
Maureen and William Connolly

January 2011
The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour.
The service was great, very informative and professional – we would definitely use island-safari aagain.

The transfers you had.
The transfers we had were fine, no problems with them.

Your stay at Pestana Rovuma Hotel
Pestana was fine, a bit old and hot, but the service was very warm and friendly. They really made an effort to help us – which madee up for the older facade.

Your stay at Casa Rex
Casa Rex was really lovely, the facilities and location were really nice and this really did start to feel like our holiday.

 Your stay at Benguerra Island Lodge
Benguerra was really lovely, couldn't fault them on anything, the service and activities were great, food was fantastic and it really did feel like everything was individualised

Thanks for the great service
Michelle and Stephan Taitz

January 2011
We just like to say a BIG Thank you for making our Victoria Falls trip and all the activities memorable. Thank you Bridget and Edna for arranging our activities, your approach and detail to individuality impressed us a lot.... even the knowledge of your drivers! Nigel, thank you for helping us with our accommodation at the Victoria Falls Hotel, it is and was just the way I remembered it when I was last there in 1995. We loved our suite.

We will definitely make use of your services again and recommend it to our parents who are interested in visiting the falls in December.

All best wishes,
Eric & Brett Voss

January 2011
The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour.
Excellent service, very prompt and personalized feedback, giving useful suggestions and finding solutions to make things work the best way possible. We were impressed to see that the day of the trip given the problems with flights from Europe we were called to confirm that we would have no problems.
The transfers you had.
All went fine on the transfers, the help person in JBO was a nice touch even if in our case it would not be needed (used to go through this airport regularly). The only small disappointment was that the transfer to/from Benguerra was not in a helicopter but a plane, but the quality of the service remained quite good, as well as the help in the airport transfers, rather useful in Vilanculos.
Your stay at Benguerra Island Lodge
Less extraordinary than Island Safari service. The lodge is quite nice but in the category of price you expect that all levels of service are perfect (at least in different countries, I cannot compare to other in Mozambique). The food was particularly an area to improve and the hospitality and efficiency of management and staff was quite variable, from very nice and efficient to cold / distant and not efficient. We were particularly impressed however with the quality of service offered by the dive center, the equipment available, the hospitality and the quality of instruction. The dive sites are good, with a good amount of fish life and coral but at times limited visibility.
So, if I am not sure that I would recommend Benguerra Lodge, not because I do not find it good/nice but because there are other destinations where you get much better service for the same price, I would undoubtedly strongly recommend Island-Safari and count, if I will again travel in the region, to try again myself  your services.
Thank you very much.
Best regards,
Filipa Marques

January 2011
It's a pleasure to provide you with some feedback from our recent vacation in Southern Africa. 

Firstly I would like to say that Mandy did an excellent job liaising with Harald and setting up a first class tour which covered our wishes.  When bad weather in Europe threw our plans into the air (twice!) we were very appreciative that Nigel could help us out at very short notice and rescue the last part of our safari.

All the transfers went well; we were met as planned at every step of the journey and are completely satisfied with the service provided.  We were particularly happy with the fact that our older daughter was picked up and looked after in Johannesburg when we failed to turn up. 

Our stays at Victoria Falls and Muchenje Safari Lodge would no doubt have been excellent but, alas, they will have to wait for a future trip!

Botswana.  The three lodges we stayed at, Mapula, Delta and Deception Valley, all provided excellent safaris and a very high standard of catering (never tasted as moist a fruitcake as the one we ate in the bush at Mapula!), not to mention hospitality from all of the hosts:

The staff at Mapula did everything to make sure we got as much as possible out of our one night's stay by whisking us straight off on safari from the plane, and the fact that we arrived on Christmas Day made it very special; the staff sang traditional songs for us after dinner and made it a totally unforgettable experience. 

Delta Camp was a wonderful spot.  It was a new experience to use the mokoros for transport and the guides here were also very keen to show us as much as possible during our stay.  A trip to the local village was fascinating.  Absolutely first class staff.

Deception Valley Lodge with its walk with the bushmen was fascinating and to relax by the swimming pool and watch animals come to the waterhole was very exciting.  A very welcoming lodge where we felt part of a large extended family.  Our best safari experience here was sitting and watching 3 lionesses with their 4 cubs for over an hour - magical.

The accommodation at each lodge was very different, but equally charming, and gave us a good insight into the different types of living quarters!  We will never forget our 'loo with a view' at Delta!

As for South Africa, everything went smoothly; the hire car was ready for us to pick up and the instructions provided to find each location were very clear.

Romney Park had a very good location - we were very happy with the standard of accommodation and service provided, although for a family it would obviously have suited us better to be accommodated in one apartment rather than two.

Belvidere Manor was just perfect; a first-class cottage with excellent food and beautiful location.

Residence Klein Oliphantshoek was nicely situated and we were made to feel very welcome.  Our 3 girls had a room with a splash pool which cooled them off in the heat!  The views from the veranda here were quite outstanding and the only thing we really missed was a refrigerator!

So, to sum up, we are 100% satisfied with the services provided by Island-Safari and have no hesitation in recommending your agency to family and friends.  Keep up the good work!

Kind regards,
Valerie and Harald Haugan

January 2011
The transfers you had.- Excellent
Your stay at Kwara Camp - Tent wonderfull, food can improve a bit, saw just about everything on game drives, staff excellent
Your stay at Xakanaxa Camp - Tent wonderfull, food wonderfull, did not see much on game drives, Lettie wonderfull, guides have no will to seek animals
Your stay at Khwai River Lodge - Tent wonderfull, menu not great, did not see much on game drives, expected more.
Lizell van der Walt

January 2011
The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour.  We worked with Claudia to book our tour, and she was very patient in dealing with my many questions, providing detailed answers graciously and ensuring that all my ambiguities had been clarified. We encountered another Island-Safari employee (Tony, I believe it was) at the Jo'burg airport enroute from Cape Town to Livingstone, and he assisted with our luggage, answered our questions and provided reassurance that we would be well taken care of.

The transfers you had.
We thought the transfers were amazing!  We had never experienced such personal and well-coordinated escorts from one location/activity/operation to the next.  We never had to wait, were never uncertain about when we'd be picked up, and were always treated with utmost courtesy, kindness and good humor.  We were assisted through borders and bureaucracy, through mud puddles and all sorts of terrain, using almost every means of transport without any glitches.

Your stay at Stanley Safari Lodge Pascal, the manager of the Lodge, was gracious, friendly and very interesting.  His part in the arrangements made on our behalf were impeccable, and comfortably accommodated the pre-paid activities we had booked through Island-Safari as well as the tour of the Zimbabwe side of the Victoria Falls which we arranged after our arrival.  Because the Lodge was not full, we were upgraded to a closed bungalow, complete with plunge pool and lounge room with fireplace.  It was lovely! Peter, our butler, was a tremendous help to us as we adjusted to life in a safari Lodge, answering all our questions completely and accurately.  We liked him very much.

Your stay at Elephant Valley Lodge We were particularly pleased with the wildlife sightings we were privileged to experience at Elephant Valley Lodge, including a herd of elephants in the moonlight, a leopard close up and personal, and a fascinating early morning River Cruise during which we saw scores of hippos both in and out of the water, and were introduced to the interestingly marked WaterBuck.

Your stay at Xakanaxa Camp We developed a true affection for our guide, Ngande, who made our tea and sundowners, changed a tire, arranged a field repair on the Land Rover, poured our wine at dinner and in every way served us graciously while providing excellent wildlife sightings, especially of a hunting pair of Cheetahs.  We loved our tent accommodations there, and enjoyed showering by lantern-light.  We also particularly loved the camp's early morning service of tea before the game drive, drinks on the deck overlooking the river, and its tradition of calling guests to meals by beating a drum.

Your stay at Kwara Camp Our guide here was Balipe, with Kent as his spotter and helper.  We developed great respect for Balipe's ability as guide, and his character as a human being.  The food at Kwara was especially good.  Our tent accommodations experienced plumbing problems during our stay.  They were not so severe as to ruin the experience, but it was a bit of a nuisance to have no water in one sink and a toilet tank overflowing with water. Attempts to make repairs required parts acquired in Maun, so we just put up with it.  

Thank you for asking for our opinion about your planning and escort services. 

I can recommend Island-Safari without any reservations whatsoever, and would contact your agency first if I were to make another trip to Africa.
Ruth McKnight

January 2011
Nick and I had an excellent holiday and I would have hesitation in recommending Matemo or Island Safari.
Feedback: I don’t think it was necessary for us to be met at the airport in Jhb for check in but appreciate others may find this of value.
All transfers, flights etc were great. I would recommend Airlink over LAM simply to avoid flying via Maputo which was a bit painful.
Regarding  Matemo Lodge, it was generally excellent. We did find it strange that half way through our stay the menu changed from buffet to a la carte and we had a few less than great meals off the a la carte menu. However, we complained and the standard of food improved greatly.
I also find it odd that they did not replenish the wine in our room given that it was all inclusive but that was a minor point.
A great holiday all in all and excellent service all around. There is a young manager Nicolai at Matemo who really went out of his way.
Nola Bond   

January 2011
Louise was absolutely fantastic in all respects.  I have already referred friends to her who are booking their trip with her.
Wayne Abramsohn

January 2011
Mandy rules!!! Top quality service during booking process!!
Transfers worked fine without any hickups what so ever.
(Luckily, also the chaos at Heathrow was over when we came thru)
Xakanaka camp and Little Kwara where both excellent in all respects.
Staff, guides and accommodation. We just loved them both.
And as a bird watcher I am very happy that we got Montzo and Kenny as guides. They are just great!!
And we shall not forget the tracker Beit(?) He discovered sheetas and lions so far away that we could not even find them in our binoculars.
All in all - we are already planning to go down there again!!!
Thanks for all help and a wonderful experience!!
Anders Hansson

January 2011
The service we received from staff during the booking process and during our tour was first class.  Right from our first e-mail enquiry we established a positive relationship with Mandy. She seemed to understand exactly what we wanted and always responded with clear unambiguous details and even helpful suggestions. She answered our questions promptly and in full. She was excellent.

The many transfers were achieved faultlessly and without a hitch.  We are experienced travellers, so we know our way around large international airports and we have made several land border crossings in Africa. So it was a delight to be looked after so well.  All of the staff involved, including safari drivers, lodge admin personnel, Maun airport ground staff should be commended. We were never left in any doubt about what was happening, where and when.

Our stay at Victoria Falls Hotel was friendly, relaxed and enjoyable. The pick up was cheerful and informative. The associate tours representative confirmed the tours we had booked with Mandy and offered others that we had been briefed about. Whilst offering information and details she did not push any tours we weren’t interested in. She was at all times professional. The tours themselves were exactly as we expected and we were delighted with them. Victoria Falls was stunning.

Chobe Safari Lodge wasn’t quite what we expected, being a hotel rather than a game lodge. On the other hand the accommodation was comfortable, the restaurant staff were welcoming and the standard of the food was high. So no complaints, we enjoyed it. There was some discussion about which tours we had booked and paid for but that was quickly resolved to our satisfaction with the efficient tours staff. The game drives were superb and we saw much more than we expected. Similarly the river trip was marvellous.  Being the low season we often travelled in a vehicle with only another couple in it, and that was great. However these vehicles had three seats across them and we could envisage some disappointed guests if they were confined between two other people when they wanted to take photographs. We weren’t affected on any of our trips, but it is a thought you might want to bear in mind.

Pom Pom Camp was outstanding. The tented accommodation gave a feeling of being on a real safari. Of course the accommodation was luxurious, much better than we expected. Having the tent filled with large flying termites on the first night when we were tired was an experience. Happily the camp had provided a large can of insecticide and we soon knocked them down and cleared a path through the carnage. Next day our can was replaced by a full one – good attention to detail and planning. Hearing hippos at night browsing around the tent and smelling them in close proximity was also interesting when viewed in retrospect. The game drives and bush walks were thrilling, far exceeding our expectations. Our Guide excellent. Unfortunately we can’t remember his name. On most days we had a vehicle to ourselves with our friendly guide. It was amazing how close we could get to lions, leopards and the other animals.  The presentation and standard of the food at Pom Pom was exceedingly good. It was lovely to have a glass of wine as a sun downer, under a baobab tree whilst watching the magnificent African sun setting over a vast plain, and then encounter a sleeping male lion on our track home. Fantastic

Nxai Pan Camp was different again, being more of a desert area. Mandy did an outstanding job of putting this all together. The staff at the camp were delightful, especially Janet. She was efficient, informative, warm, welcoming and friendly, a real asset to the camp. The early morning game drives felt like an adventure and often were.  Our Guide Vasco and spotter Pipi did everything to make the experience more rewarding, and they were successful. Watching grazing game being alert to threats and getting so close to lions, leopards and cheetah was fantastic. Vasco was knowledgeable, expert and informative and clearly well trained in public relations.  The rapport he established with us and the other the guests was a major factor in the success of these drives.

At each camp we were asked about dietary requirements and special food was prepared to cope with Margaret’s cheese allergy.  In view of the extensive use of cheese in all the menus this was amazingly well dealt with by all the cooks.  At no time did Margaret feel she was missing out on any of the meals.

We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and regard it as excellent value for money. We will certainly recommend Island Safari to our friends 
Allan and Margaret Rickmann

January 2011
The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour. Louise was great!! She made many arrangements prior to arrival and also responded quickly when I asked to her make some last minute arrangements for me while in country. We did have a few technical challenges ... i.e. I would respond to a note from Louise and she wouldn't recieve it or vis versa. I'm not sure what the cause of this was, but it delayed confirming arrangements prior to and during my stay. Not sure how you would find the source for these technical challenges or if there is anything you could do about it.
The transfers you had
. All transfers were on time, at arraged meeting points and helpful.
Tamboti was top notch. Spent time with 3 of their drivers and they were all great. There was a little confusion with budget car rental in Nelspruit. They seemed to be under the impression that the tranfer fee had not been paid up front ... in the end they must have realized their mistake as they never billed me for it, so all good.
Your stay at Outlook Lodge. Great place to stay when flying in. Staff was very accomadating. Arranged a great Soweto tour on my last day in country. 
Your stay at Elephant Plains Game Lodge. Fantastic!! If I had the time and money I would spend a month there. Great value for money. I would like to go back in the future and rent the entire facility with a bunch of my friends. Accomadating, professional staff and the wildlife viewing was spectacular!!!!
The self drive from Nelspruit to Upington was great as well. You really do live in a diverse and magnificant country, both socially and geographically. I will say that driving in SA, especially on the secondary roads can be crazy. I've never seen people drive with such reckless abandon ... and I've driven in New York, L.A., London, Paris, Cairo, Mexico City and Delhi to name a few. Nowhere have I seen so many serious road collisions and death due to careless and agressive driving. It all seemed so senceless, but this has nothing to do with Isalnd Safari ... just an obesrvation. Hopefully the government can get a grip on it (amongst other things). I just went into defensive driving mode. I had no other issues when driving, but did follow the good advice of many locals about the do's and don'ts when driving in S.A. Great people!!
Having used various tour operater services around the globe I can say that Island Safari was great. A proffesional organization and heads and tails above what you see in other developing countries around the world. Well done!! I will certainly recomend you guys to any friends or collogeus that may travel to SA in the future. If you have any other questions just let me know. Hope this info was helpful. Many thanks and take care
Pete Laing

January 2011
We were amazingly impressed with our safari that was booked by Island Safari.  Mandy was instrumental in the booking process and was so accommodating to all of our requests and ended up putting together an absolute perfect itinerary in our limited time.  She was also extremely patient when we were trying to make decisions amongst our group. The package that we ended up with was spectacular.  For about half the price we were quoted by other agents, we got far more included in our package, including a charter flight to the Savute Elephant Camp, which was by far our favorite part of our whole trip.  The staff at Savute could not have been more pleasant or helpful and the accommodations were extremely luxurious and our balconies looked out to Elephants on the riverbank.  The food at Savute Elephant camp was incredible and was ready for us at all times of the day.  We enjoyed Chobe Safari Lodge as well- the rooms were clean and nice and the buffet meals were delicious.  However, we found Chobe Safari lodge to be a little more touristy and busy, so this is why we preferred Savute. Throughout our safari, all of the transfers were seamless. The game drives and boat cruises were also wonderful; we saw lions, giraffes, zebras, leopards, elephants, hippos, buffalo, and many more!  Overall, everyone loved our safari and we could not have had the experience we did without Island Safari.
Peri Baker

Janaury 2011
Apologies for the late reply but i am still on leave and have been very slack with the emails.  We had an absolutely wonderful time in Botswana – one of the best holidays ever i think – and we have had plenty!!!  All the camps were superb – Camp Moremi  had wonderful staff who really made us feel special.  Xugana had good staff also and a different type of daily routine which was nice – the room was stunning too and then Savuti Safari Lodge gave us the best room where we were entertained non-stop with the elephants which was wonderful so your choice was excellent.  The length of stay was perfect – and the fact that there is no contact with the world also was a boon. 

Thanks again for everything – so well organised and such a wonderful holiday!!!!

Ann Smith

Janaury 2011
I previously sent an e-mail to Mandy thanking her for her excellent work planning my trip.  Muchenje Safari Lodge was her recommendation - and a great one at that.  I have already posted my reviews of the Victoria Falls Hotel and Munchenje Lodge on  Both were excellent.  The transfers were great too.  Mandy is to be complimented for her effort and recommendations.  I still have not completed my posting in TripAdvisor.  I hope to find a way to include your company. 
Nancy Lynn

January 2011
It was fabulous.  The people was so friendly and always on time.  The Vic Falls Hotel was also very nice.  No complaints!
Kind Regards,
Suzanne-Mari Wessels

January 2011
The transfers were great. Punctual, polite and informative. The booking process was easy and efficient and the Royal Livinstone Hotel was perfect.  I have stayed before but my partner declared it her favourite hotel in the world! Fantastic location and great service
Neil Smedley

January 2011
I wrote some points to Elize before, but I gladly do it again.

1. The services from you has been excellent. The only problem I had was the invoice, which I couldn't find as attached files, but Elize helped. Some IT-problems I think.

2. Transfers worked out perfectly, even if we had to stay in a hotel in Gabarone due missed connection in Joburg.

3. Xakanaxa was a wonderful place. The camp/lodge was top of the top and so were the staff, all of them. Very tasteful och good food. Perfect beds and so on.

4. Have no comments on the Safari Club.

5. Lebala! Perfect. Very nice place and the staff were superb with everything. We had a really good stay there. Ask them about my nickname "LongoTongoo".

6. Muchenje, well I didn't like it. The hotel was ok and so also the house were we stayed. Their hostess was to silly. The food wasn't that good, tasteless. The Safari was ok, but it also felt that we were out looking in a park compare to the two lodges we had visit before. We couldn't drive out in the bush. We had to stay on the roads all the time. Even the little pick nick with all the other cars and guests was not that feeling we had before. To organized to be good. The boat ride was ok, but we were to many in the boat. I will not choose Muchenje again.

7. Royal Livingstone Hotel Big and good services, but to slow, to polite. They may think it is a 5 star hotel, but I doubt that. They were very polite, but the food was more or less tasteless.
Unfortunately Oscar lost his necessaries. It was stolen from the room. He had his cellphone, wallet with some money and etc.
Unfortunately the swimming pool had no marks in the bottom. I am an old swimmer. I did some length and didn't see the wall. Everything is white and I hit my right hand in the pool wall and broke  my finger.

So, the total of everything was very good. The family Ryde and myself are already talking about the next trip to Africa. I doubt that we will change our operator to organize a new journey to Africa.
Thank you very much for your help and what you did for us.

Brgds from a cold and snowing Sweden
Louis "LongoTongo"

January 2011
Level of service in booking was very high, we have booked twice in 2010 with Mandy and she has been very kind with us!
Transfers as well as assistance very high as well - flight was on delay and we had been informed in advance and that allows us not to spend hours at the airport doing nothing.
Le Telfair is a fantastic place where to stay, I spend each year more than 100 nights in hotel and the Telfair level is outstanding. The location of the hotel is very nice as well, this was our third time in Mauritius and it had been our best stay
Giovanni Dattoli

January 2011
We had an absolutely awesome holiday and wished that it was longer, maybe next time.
As for the points below, they are as follow:

The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour.  – Beyond Excellent, Carien is an absolute asset to your company, nothing was ever too much to ask or organize. Thank you Carien.

The transfers you had.  – very expensive and hot, but well worth it as seeing the island from above is far more beautiful than by ocean.

Your stay at Indigo Bay Lodge. – what a beautiful place, the people and the service we received made us feel like we were royalty from the first day we arrived till the day we left. We have sent a mail to Andy Conn, the GM and expressed our satisfaction and gratitude. A resort I have recommended to many already and will continue to do so.

We will be using your organization again. Thank you for arranging a fabulous holiday for us.
Kind Regards
Brad, Lelane, Dylan, Sage and Tayo Straw

January 2011
We are still riding on a high from the trip. So many memories and exciting moments. It was unlike any other vacation we ever did, and at times it fell  on the edge of my comfort zone-- like when we saw lions eating an impala or jackals wresting with a python.  Rick and I marvel at the pictures as each one brings back the wonder of the trip. It went by so very fast.
And yes, Andy Rice is absolutely the best guide we have ever been with. Not only is his knowledge vast, but he is a true gentleman, and made us feel very safe and that he was totally in control. He went the extra mile many times over. He asked about our wine preferences and selected the perfect combination of wineries, even one that had terrific port ( an extra bonus). On the day we visited the Cape Reserve, he put in a long day to make sure we saw the coastline and villages leading in to Cape Reserve, but also ended our day with a special drive around Chapman's Peak. The area around Cape Town is so beautiful.
I hope our paths cross again, and I will be sure to look you up for our next trip to Africa. Your peice of paradise has definitely won our heats. If you get to the United Sates and to our part of the world in San Francisco, please feel free to call on me. I would love the opportunity to show you some of California. We saw many similarities between Cape Town and where we live in California.
Thanks again for putting together the perfect trip and all the best in the future,
Peggy Clymer

January 2011
We just returned from our honeymoon and have nothing but praise for the Island Safari team and the service provided by each one of the lodges.

For us it was the trip of a lifetime, one that we will never forget. Going to Africa was always a dream of ours and being able to see so many animals in the wild, meeting locals, eating the local food, understanding how they live, eat, think, etc surpassed all our expectations (which were already very high!)

The weather throughout the entire trip to Zambia and Botswana was perfect ( were were incredibly lucky!),  the people were so friendly and open, the settings were breathtaking and watching African sunsets was such a dream - beyond anything we expected.

Below the individual feedback as requested. Many many thanks for everything again ( we had sent a Thank You note  to Elize last week. She was incredibly helpful before and during the trip!

The service you received from staff during the booking process and during your tour:

The booking process went very smoothly. We were provided with all the information required ( e.g. very detailed information on what items to bring, which was VERY useful )

Elize was extremelly helpful while we were planning the trip ( and extremely patient , as we had some silly questions at times ), and also while we were in Zambia and directed some queries to her - she replied in no time.

All 3 lodges knew our dietary requirements ( I don't eat much meat ), so it was super cool to be able to have meals made to us according to those requirements, without sounding like spoiled Londoners

Lastly, thanks for letting the lodges know that it was our honeymoon ! They had champagne prepared for us during our stays - that was a lovely touch !

We only have 1 piece of advise: if any of your clients goes to Santawani, you should let them know that there is absolutely no mobile phone reception, as we had reception in both Chundwuka and Mowana. ( this was not an issue for us, but I was trying to phone my sister for her Birthday and couldn't, as I was not aware we were going to be so remote! But then again, maybe it was my own fault as I should have done more investigation into the area). Just a minor suggestion !

The transfers you had:

All transfers went very smoothly. All drivers were waiting for us with a big smile and on time.  Vehicles were in good condition and the guys drove quite well ( no crazy Formula 1 drivers jeje ) 

Things couldn't have worked better.

Your stay at Chundukwa River Lodge

It was a dream, I can't decide whether Santawani or Chundukwa were my favourites - they were both outstanding !!! 

Chermaine ( the lodge Manager ) was SUPER NICE to us, so friendly, always prepared to please us.  She even asked us to tell her what meals we wanted to have ( which for me was heaven as I love to eat ). She even lent me her personal hairdryer! They cooked local food, always presented in a very professional way. Even her gorgeous dog was a pleasure to be with !

She gave us invaluable tips during our stay. Because of her we got to go to the Devil's Pool, we got to take the helicopter ride over the falls, we got to see white rhinos, we got to see a local village (with a member of her staff), she was incredibly helpful in every single way ! Cannot praise her enough.

We always knew that the lodge wouldn't be luxurious, but for me it was perfect as I was not looking for luxury. The bedroom was clean, always tidy, it was a mosquito net, electricity, what more could we have asked for?

The best thing of the stay was the setting. Oh my God, what a view of the river Zambezi, the view of the elephants in the mornings, the staff ( Henry was specially friendly and helpful ), the cook ( the food was beyond delicious);  the breakfasts, everything was perfect.  It was so peaceful, being with nature, surrounded by nature, is something I really miss now that we're back in busy, rainy London.

In addition, we were lucky that there were only 3 of us staying at the lodge (another lady, Jens and myself) so we felt like kings and queens, the entire lodge to ourselves!  We were simply spoiled to bits

Her team members were all very knowledgeable about the area, flora and fauna. They answered all our questions very patiently and took us around quite a lot.  It was just the icing on the cake to be able to walk around with people who were local to the area.  Levy was particularly amazing taking us around his village and introducing us to his family , that was amazing!

Your stay at Mowana Safari Lodge

 The team at the hotel were very efficient, everything ran like clockwork and they arranged for all our activities very easily ( morning and afternoon drives, boat cruises, Namibia village walk, etc)

It was a very nice touch finding a bottle of champagne with a note 'mr and mrs toepfer' on our room at our arrival - such a nice detail !

The hotel is extremely clean and tidy, very comfortable, the staff were very friendly and the food was really really good ( Chundwuka's food was better though jaja)

We don't usually like big hotels as they're usually less intimate, but Mowana was actually a very nice and luxurious 'pit stop' before our stay at Santawani.

Mowana was a lovely place, but as it's such a large hotel we did not feel the intimacy we felt at the other 2 lodges. All jeeps during game drives were incredibly full of people, and every time we saw one of the big 5, there were at least 4 or 5 vehicles around it (nothing bad, but we did feel like tourists there jeje).

The boat rides were lovely though, as very few people decided to take the evening boat rides, so there were usually less than 4 of us on each ride, lovely sunsets we saw during these. Just a dream.

Your stay at Santawani Camp

Again, we can't decide whether Chundukwa or Santawani were our favourite places to stay. There were both incredible in their own way

Santawani was so excluded from civilization, so remote ( when we landed on the air strip I noticed how remote we were !) , but it was just perfect, there was no other way you could be closer to nature !

The team, oh the team. They sat down with us for meals every single day ( that was a lovely touch ). I can't remember all their names, except for 'Doctor', which I think was the manager, and also for Johnston ( our Game Driver who was OUTSTANDING in every single sense of the word). We learned SO MUCH about life in Botswana, about their health system, education, their villages.

I - as a person obsessed with food - asked them to cook for us a local meal, as I was craving for maize meal - sadza as they call it in Zimbwabwe. And they did this for us during our last evening, they cooked maize meal with shredded chicken, tomato & onion sauce and boiled cabbage. I asked them to show me how to properly eat it with my hands , and we all sat there, under the lovely sky, eating sadza with these lovely people.

Also on the last evening, they even had champagne served to us. We had dinner under the stars ( and very close to an elephant that was roaming near us !) it was so exciting !

The game drives were just incredible. We were also very lucky to be the only guests on the entire lodge for 3 nights of our stay ( there was only a group of Swiss tourists for 1 day, leaving this amazing place to ourselves! ). We learned so much about birds ( Johnston knew everything about them, I even have a little book with notes I wrote about each bird's name!). He taught us a bit about animals' behaviour, their eating patterns, how they mate, how they move around to the next reserve (Noemi), and we saw SO MANY lions, that was just incredible! we got really close to them - that was a huge bonus - so close that it was scary at times!). I personally fell in love with hippos though ( I have too many photos of their cute ears and eyes

In a nutshell, this was the trip of our lives, and we can't simply wait to return to your amazing continent!

Next time round we'd like to visit Namibia or Tanzania (or both!) so let us know if you can recommend a similar company (with excellent services like yours) who can arrange trips to those countries, as I understand you don't cover those areas.

Thanks a million !!! We are now back to an incredibly rainy, cold and dark London, so it's rather depressing at times, but we're smile every time we see the photos

Paola & Jens Barcacel

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